8 Ton Farm Dump Trailer

8 Ton Farm Dump Trailer Demo Video

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Berkelmans Welding and Manufacturing Inc. We had our farmers in mind when we built our Farm Dump Trailers. As with all of our Farm Dump Trailers, all seams and posts are 100% welded.

Built-in Canada by Canadians!

They are best suited for hauling manure, shavings, feed, dirt or hauling construction debris.

  • 10 feet long x 7 feet wide x 28” deep.
  • Widest point on trailer is 96”.
  • Total length of trailer is 15 feet.
  • 5.2 Cubic yard without outboard extension level load to the side.
  • 7.8 cubic yard level with board extension level with the top.
  • 7000 lb drop leg trailer jack.
  • From ground to top of rail 78”
  • Side height without board in is 63” to the ground.
  • 1/4” plate floor and sides bent as one piece.
  • Grain chute in tailgate.
  • 3/16” front and tailgate.
  • Hydraulic tailgate that lifts 3 feet above sides.
  • Front 3 stage hydraulic cylinder 1.8 gallons capacity.
  • Unibody bottom supports on long sills 100% welded.
  • 6” x 3” x .188 tube main frame & hitch
  • 5000 lb spindles on tandem walking beam. ( spindles are bolted in and replaceable)
  • 5 ft tongue 1.1/8 pinhole on a swivel hitch.
  • 3” channel post side post
  • 2” x 3” x .188 tube top rail
  • Taillights.
  • Safety chains.
  • 4” channel back post.
  • All post and seams are 100% welded.
  • 12.5L-15 tires on 6 bolt rims.12 ply rating.
  • Optional 400/50/15.5 tires as demonstrated in the video.
  • Trailer weighs 3800 lbs.
  • Chemical wash, automotive-grade metal treatment and primer, and choice of color.
  • (Test results show that this automotive grade metal treatment and primer to be superior in test to powder coating in chip and corrosion resistance.)

We Deliver Throughout Canada and USA. Delivered to your door!

Call us toll free 1-877-230-9993

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