Turf Master Farm Dump Trailer

Turf Master 5T Farm Dump Trailer

The Turf Master is a versatile hydraulic dump trailer with a 10,000lb load rating and up to 5 cubic yards of internal volume when using board extensions.

Turf Master Trailer Ideal for Landscapers, farms & Ranches, City Maintenance, Fairgrounds, Golf Courses, Campgrounds, General Contractors.

Our turf trailer is ideal for a variety of applications, including (but not limited to) landscaping, farming, city maintenance and general contracting, but excels in applications where mobility over soft turf is required.  As with all Berkelman’s creations, the Turf Master is designed and over-built from the ground up to handle the most demanding and roughest of jobs.

Carrying the brunt of the load is a 3” x 5” x .188 tube main frame which rests comfortably on the side-walking axle assembly.  This easily supports the box, which is comprised of a 3/16” floor bent as one pan for added strength.  The floor supports themselves benefit from a uni-body construction, further adding to the rigidity and strength of the trailer.   At the opposite end of the rig is a swivel clevis hitch and a side wind jack capable of handling 5000lbs.  The tongue is conveniently removable for storage and shipping purposes.

The axle assembly rests on 4 spindles, each mated to a heavy-duty rim and wrapped with a large 12” x 12” x 26” 8-ply turf tire.  The 4’ of tread contact with the ground ensures that the weight distribution is spread out over a large area, making the Turf Master ideal for running over soft turf.  The side-walking feature adds to this by adjusting automatically to uneven terrain, so you can be sure that the Turf Master will remain stable and not leave any footprints in its wake.

With the sides sitting at a mere 4’ from the ground, the relatively-low profile of the Turf Master 5T is deceiving.  The box will handle a full 3 cubic yards of material in its default configuration, but if you need a little extra room, installing side boards will gain you an additional 2 cubic yards at the expense of adding another 12” to the overall height.  

When it comes time to dump that heavy load, a 15-ton under-body telescopic hydraulic cylinder will perform the task nicely, raising the box to a full 55 degrees (approximately 12’4” from the ground) in 10 to 15 seconds.  A safety prop is installed for greasing or servicing the box when it is in raised position.

From the frame to the final finish, the Turf Master is all about ruggedness.  The trailer is first prepared with a chemical wash.  Following that, an automotive-grade metal treatment and primer is applied, and then coated with the traditional Cat yellow paint.  This process has been proven to be superior to powder coating in both chip and corrosion resistance.

The Turf Master is an exceptional lower-profile, off-road utility trailer designed with versatility and ruggedness, and its wide footprint makes it an excellent choice for applications where mobility over soft turf is required.  It’s built with the quality and attention to detail that you’ve come to expect from all Berkelman’s trailers, and rest-assured you can depend on the Turf Master to deliver when those tough jobs call for it.

  • General Contractors.
  • 10000 lb load rating.
  • 5ft x 11 ft x 18’’ without board extensions,
  • 30” deep with the board extensions.
  • 3 cubic yard without board extension with level load.
  • 5 cubic yard when the boards are used.
  • 5000 lb side wind jack.
  • 2500 lb per spindle load rating x 4 spindles.
  • Side walking axle assembly distributes weight evenly amongst the 4 -12in. wide turf tire.
  • Spindles are bolted in and replaceable.
  • Swivel clevis hitch.
  • Removable tongue for storage and shipping.
  • 3” x 5” x .188 tube main frame.
  • 3/16 floor and sides bent as one pan.
  • Unibody construction for the floor supports.
  • Side from ground without board is 48” high with board 60” high.
  • 8 ply 12-12-26 turf tires on heavy duty rim.
  • 55 degree dump angle.
  • 15 ton under body telescopic hoist.
  • 10 to 15 second dump time.
  • Hoist requires 2.5 US gallons.
  • Safety prop built in.
  • Box requires 12’4” headroom when in the dump position.
  • Chemical wash, Automotive grade metal treatment and primer, paint Cat yellow.
  • Test results have shown that this metal treatment and primer to be superior to powder coat in chip and corrosion resistance.

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