20 ton Heavy Duty Hydraulic Farm Dump Trailer

heavy duty 20 ton farm dump trailer

20 Ton Heavy Duty Hydraulic Farm Dump Trailer Ideal for Dairy Farmers, Ranches, City Maintenance, Fairgrounds, Golf Courses, Campgrounds, General Contractors.



Topping out the weight class in hydraulic dump trailers is the 20-ton heavy-duty trailer from Berkelman’s Welding. This versatile trailer is engineered to handle up to 480 cubic feet of material (with board extensions) and comes equipped standard with hydraulic brakes on one axle for extra stopping power.

The bulk of this 9100lb trailer rides on a 10” x 4” x .250 main frame and tongue which is mated to the tractor via a removable cushion ride hitch, available in either swivel clevis or pintle ring configurations. With an even load, the tractor hitch carries approximately 20% of the weight with the other 80% being handled by the dual axles on the trailer itself. A 12,000-lb drop leg trailer jack is included in the rig.

The robust box is built with a 1/4” floor bent as a single pan and is complemented by a 3” x 4” x .188 tube top rail. All seams and posts are 100% welded, and the long sills, which are strengthened thanks to a unibody construction, are welded directly to the floor. As an option, the trailer is available with either a Silver Slide 3/8” plastic liner or QT 400 abrasion-resistant floor. The 3/16” plate steel tailgate incorporates a grain chute, and rides on a pair of hydraulic cylinders that extend it a full 3.5 feet above the side walls when it is in upright position.

Where the rubber meets the road, or any other terrain, a set of four 16-ply 550/60/22.5 tires wrapped around 10-bolt rims will handle the job nicely. Rated at 12,000lbs each, they’re more than enough to handle the capacity of a fully-loaded box. Optionally, the trailer can also be equipped with 700/50/22.5 tires. By default, one axle comes equipped with hydraulic brakes, however both axles can be outfitted with brakes if added stopping power is needed.

A heavy-duty, European-style telescopic hydraulic cylinder carries out the dumping motion when you’re ready to unload. The connection to the trailer frame rests on a trunion and swivel ball to protect the cylinder seals if you happen to be dumping on uneven ground. At its fully-raised angle of 60 degrees, the top of the box extends to 19’ 6” above the ground.
From the frame to the final finish, this farm dump trailer is all about ruggedness. The trailer is first prepared with a chemical wash. Following that, an automotive-grade metal treatment and primer is applied, and then coated with the traditional Cat yellow paint, or optionally it can be coated in John Deere green. This process has been proven to be superior to powder coating in both chip and corrosion resistance.
If you’re looking for a heavy-duty on or off-road utility trailer with a large capacity, then the 20-ton farm/construction dump trailer form Berkelman’s Welding will not disappoint. It is designed and hand-built from the ground up with a number of innovative features that make it a stand-out choice for all your hauling needs.


  • ¼” plate steel floor and sides bent as one pan
  • Optional Silver slide 3/8 plastic liner.
  • QT 400 abrasion resistance floor.
  • 3” x 4” x .188 tube top rail.
  • 3/16 plate steel tailgate on hydraulic arms that extend 3.5 feet above side walls when in open position.
  • Uni body construction on long sills welded to floor.
  • 10” x 4” x .250 tube main frame and tongue.
  • Swivel clevis or pintle ring hitch.
  • Heavy duty European style telescopic cylinders connected to the trailer frame with a trunnion and to the box on a swivel ball. To help protect seals when dumping on uneven ground.
  • Hydraulic brakes on one axle. (brakes on both axles are an optional.)
  • LED tail lights.
  • Cushion ride hitch.
  • Removable hitch.
  • Walking Tandem Suspension
  • All seams and post are 100% welded.
  • 88” to the top of box from ground,
  • 19ft 6” to top of box in dump position.
  • 60 degrees dump angle.
  • Trailer weighs 9100 lbs.
  • 16 ply 550/60-22.5 Tires on 10 bolt wheels. 12000 lb per tire load rating.
  • Optional 700/50/22.5 tires.
  • Pockets in side for extensions.
  • Built in grain chute.
  • 12000 lb drop leg trailer jack.
  • 360 cubic foot box without board extensions and 480 cubic feet with board extensions.
  • 20% of the load is on the tractor hitch when you have an even load.
  • Chemical washed, metal treatment and primer, Painted cat yellow. (test results have shown that this metal treatment/primer to be superior to powder coat in chip and corrosion resistance.)

Delivery available throughout Canada and USA